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Welcome to Goto Media! I'm Leo, founder and Co-Owner. We are a team of talented creators ready to help grow your business. Anything from photography to illustration, we are here to help! To learn more about us and meet the team, scroll down.

Where Creativity is Limitless.


We are a small team of amazing creators ready to help you grow! We are based in Nottingham in the UK. Our services started when Leo (the co-owner and founder) was inspired to help people grow their businesses with his design and photography skills. He then recruited Jack (current co-owner) and gathered a team of wonderful creators.

Our services range from graphic design, photography, videography, and much more and we are very excited to work with you on your next big project!


"Outstanding logo work! Our charity has its own branding thanks to GOto Media!"

Leon's Legacy CEO

Holly Younger's comments on our service

"Very professional! The reply time was great and I was given many ideas for my new logo. Overall very happy!"

Arterisa Stopmotion

Arterisa Stopmotion's comments on our service

"Service well organised. Got exactly what I wanted at a reasonable price! Definitely recommend!"

R Hood Designs

Ben Hunter's comments on our service

Leo Smith

Co-Owner and Founder of GOto Media.

Graphic Artist and Photographer

Hello! My fun fact is I put ketchup on my pizza...


Jack Paling

Co-Owner of GOto Media.


Hiya! My fun fact is that I have a huge nose! 


Ebony Larcombe

GOto Media Sketch Artist.

Hey guys! I may or may not have a few memes on my phone....


Josh Edwards

GOto Media Digital Artist.

Hey everyone! I have 140+ hours on Animal Crossing and I'm not ashamed :D


Ben Barrett

GOto Media Digital Artist and Sketch Artist

Aup! I know a lot about wild mushrooms :D


Ross Burlington

GOto Media Graphic Designer.

Hello! I can eat a whole chicken at Nando's!


Jack Moseley

GOto Media Interactive Designer.

Hey! Black belt in karate!


We look forward to working with you!

If you want a one on one chat, messages us over on Instagram or email us to schedule a call!

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Some of our Services


This can range from business cards and posters to a logo design or vector image.


Want to add that spark to a special day? Or even want an industry-standard social media picture? Then this is for you!


Here we can help you with some short clip video shoots and video editing!

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